This is my personal blog. If you want to learn about my career history then jump over to LinkedIn, if you want to know what’s on my mind at the moment come find me at Twitter and I’m occasionally publishing pictures on Instagram.

Because this is my personal blog it reflects only my own thoughts and experiences with the occasionally shared public graphic or reblog on an interesting topic. Over the years I’ve hoped to use this blog as a place to reflect and expand on what I’ve learned as an executive in startup teams across digital media, gaming, internet services mobility services. Some months and years have left the field pretty fallow, 2016’s single infographic post being the worst example. Hopefully future years will have left a more robust and useful series of posts that you, the reader, will find value in.

If you do see something you like please share it with others, or find the subscription link at the bottom of the page to get updates to this blog by email.

Steve Banfield, January 2017

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