landscape (orientations)

via Flickr

The photos shared on this blog often start through Instagram. I set up an IFTTT script to automatically create a draft WordPress post whenever I tag an IG photo with #ifttt. Later I can go in and either decide to share the post as is or add some context.

yellow rose redux
via Flickr

However, all my Instagram posts are either square (1:1) or a vertical (4×5) aspect ratio. Since Instagram is primarily consumed on mobile devices held vertically, it just seems better to lean into that orientation than fight it with a landscape image. That means those photos that only look good in landscape are shared exclusively to my Flickr account.

Shooting with my Hasselblad 500cm in 6×6 format makes the point moot but since most of my photography is still in 35mm I’ll likely still separate images into the forums where I think they will be seen correctly.

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