5 Frames… Near Seattle’s Pike Place Market on a Hasselblad 500CM and ILFORD HP5 PLUS (120 Format / EI 400 / Carl Zeiss Distagon CF 60mm f/3.5) When talk turns to street photography cameras, first thoughts might be 35mm rangefinders or small SLRs, though many iconic shots have been done with larger medium format cameras.…

5 Frames… By Seattle’s Pike Place Market on a Hasselblad 500CM and Ilford HP5 PLUS (120 Format / EI 400 / Carl Zeiss Distagon CF 60mm f/3.5) — EMULSIVE

This is the first post I’ve written for another site and I was really pleased with Emulsive accepted it. Hope you’ll click through to check it out.

You can find more of my photography on this blog as well as Flickr and Instagram.

Published by Steve Banfield

Kentucky born, Seattle based. Entrepreneur. Team Builder. Photographer.

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  1. That’s cool! Nice pictures too. Thanks for the lead: I’ll have to check out that site now I know it’s there.
    Curious — do you do your own processing?


    1. Hey Matt, for these pictures I didn’t. They went to the Shot On Film Store (www.shotonfilmstore.com) for developing and scanning. I have a 35mm scanner but not a 120 format one. I’ve developed my own 35mm B&W using the lab at Photographic Center Northwest (www.pcnw.org) but never color or 120 film.

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      1. Gotcha. I do my own 35mm (I don’t have any other formats) and I’ve only used BW film so far; but I want to get into color film too.

        I think it’s cool you have a place you can go to to do that sort of thing. I just do mine in the kitchen (I only started a couple of months ago).

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      2. I’m not sure there’s anything like that in Colorado Springs, but I haven’t looked yet. I planned from the start to do the processing myself and the printing via a vendor; but it would be cool to try to do some printing if I can find a place to learn that…


  2. I have used a Bronica 6×6 Medium format. There used to be a fair amount of vibration when the shutter closes which ruined anything other than long exposures. Maybe the Hasse has a better shutter, the pictures look sharp and on focus.


    1. I was using a relatively wide lens with a fast film on a sunny day. Let me keep the shutter speed pretty high and avoid shake problems. Also meant I could zone focus more than trying to do it all by eye, especially with the moving subjects. I was worried about it but most of the pictures turned out well.


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