When are advertisements appropriate on web video?

Today I’ve been following the tragedy in Pakistan. I grieve for Benazir Bhutto’s family and for all the people of Pakistan.

However as I’ve tried to follow this story on CNN and other outlets, I wonder just when is it appropriate to put pre-roll ads on video content? I just tried to watch a clip and was stunned to have to sit through, of all things, an American Express commercial. While I understand CNN’s goal of putting the ad on a video that is going to get a lot of traffic shouldn’t there be, especially for a news organization like CNN, a higher goal of telling this tragic story in the best possible way? Is it respectful to all that’s happened today to insert a generic ad in this video of an important world leader’s last moments?

I’d like to magine that the editorial leaders of CNN didn’t explicitly choose to put this pre-roll on. Perhaps it was just part of the system and automatically appended to the video. I’d like to believe that, but the cynic in me doesn’t. I understand the desire to make money. CNN has to pay the bills like anyone else. If it’s the story about yet another unwanted pregnancy in the Spears family then post all the ads you want, but in this case CNN should have shown some restraint.

Published by Steve Banfield

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