Obama is the hope and future of the Democratic Party, not Hillary, and everyone knows it. He is the one bringing new energy and voters. He could be a Democratic Reagan, invigorating the party for 25 years. If the Clinton people knee-cap Obama, it would be like killing Santa Claus Xmas morning in front of the children. The children won’t forget or forgive.

Republican Alex Castellanos, senior media consultant in both of George W. Bush’s campaigns and in Mitt Romney’s failed bid for the nomination. (via cremefracas) (via glamorouswhimsy) (via peterwknox)

I was just thinking the other day that if Obama lost, it will take a lot of healing for those of us who finally got involved in a political process only to have it fail.

(via seagull)

This is so right. I worry sometimes that if Obama loses this country will decline into something that has democracy as window dressing but the average person will be so disillusioned with the system that it will really be something much worse. It truly will be the decline of the American empire. We’ve got the gladiatorial games. We’re dependent on countries oceans away for our fuel. Abroad we’re admired for the way we used to be and hated for what we’ve become and our only ability to exercise influence is to purchase it outright via foreign aid. I’m not a pessimist but damn I worry about us if we can’t get this guy elected.

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