Hotel WiFi Should Be a Right, Not a Luxury


Having just driven from LA to Kentucky and now being on the way back to California I have to really agree with this post. It’s been weird. Eastbound, when I’d stay in a Motel 6 (so that I wouldn’t get hassled about Pepper) there was never WiFi in any of them*. Coming west I’ve had WiFi in both a Holiday Inn Express and a Super 8. The Texarkana, TX Holiday Inn Express was twice as expensive as this Tuscon, AZ Super 8 and had a crappy signal/low throughput WiFi to boot. Tonight’s Super 8 is just this side of skanky yet it’s had the best Wifi of the trip, better than the speed and throughput at my cousin’s house.

WiFi at both these “budget” hotels was complementary. Yet on a business (actually inteview) trip to NYC in December my expensive hotel charged me $15 a day for WiFi access. Why?

In order to keep from paying for hotel WiFi I use a AT&T 3G USB modem when the connection isn’t free or I can’t find a free hotspot like a Starbucks.

Boycott pay to connect WiFi when you can. Don’t just think “the company’s paying for it” and go along. Eventually these hotel companies will get the message.

*In fairness I have passed some on the freeway that had signs saying they offered WiFi

Published by Steve Banfield

Kentucky born, Seattle based. Entrepreneur. Team Builder. Photographer.

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