The iPad Platform via The Pageforest Blog

  • Form factor – This is the most obvious difference between the PC platform (Mac and Windows) and the iPad.  The fact that you can hold the screen in your lap and interact with a touch-screen interface.  Microsoft has proved that this is NOT sufficient, as we’ve seen a lot of failures in the tablet form factor for Windows-based machines.  But Apple’s implementation of a touch-screen computer is particularly simple and elegant.  It is a pleasure to use unlike any other PC experience I’ve had.
  • Application Security  – I’ve been hearing more and more that iPad users are installing and using MANY more applications than Windows or Mac users.  When I reflect on my own behavior, I realize how hesitant I’ve been to install Windows applications for fear of corrupting my system (crashes, slow-downs, security holes).  The way iOS manages applications it effectively creates a sandbox so your apps can’t really damage your system as a whole.  And the single-application running at a time, ensures that your system resources cannot be consumed by background applications running without your knowledge.
  • App Store – The most important aspect of the iPad platform is the iTunes App Store.  The iPad would not have been successful without the previous success of the iPhone.  Not only did it solve the chicken and egg problem of having a large number of apps available on launch-day, but it also had several years of building up a developer community that was familiar with building apps for the iPhone/iPad platform.  Because Apple manages the distribution and payment of applications, App developers have a frictionless means of selling their applications to users.  It boggles the mind that Microsoft did not long ago develop a similar system for Windows.  Perhaps they didn’t think it was necessary, since anyone could distribute Windows apps on their own.  But they did not count on the perceived complexity and trust issues that would prevent most users from being promiscuous purchasers of Windows applications.
  • Completely agree that the iPad had become a game changer, though I’m still wishing for a better MS Office compatible document editing solution. Working from Google Docs or Dropbox for simple text editing is ok but doesn’t work for more complex presentations.

    Maybe I should order a new MacBook Air?

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