Woman’s Head ‘Stomped’ at Kentucky Senate Debate

I don’t think this needs saying, but, look, everyone, please listen very carefully: You don’t step on people’s heads. Ever! Okay? Even if you disagree with them; even if they’re pulling a silly stunt on the candidate of your choice; even if you are a hysterical old white person scared to death of imaginary communists. Even if Glenn Beck implies that it’s okay to use violence in pursuit of your political goals! Because, repeat after me: You don’t step on people’s heads.

I’m ashamed this happened in my home state.

Go watch the video. Seriously this has got to stop. If you believe in God and Country and the Constitution, it means EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH. You don’t get to kick a woman on ground EVER. Also there was this guy, a buddy of mine, named JC who sort of thought this kind of violence was never the answer. He was much more into that whole turning the other cheek thing, doing unto others, and pretty much LOVING PEOPLE even if they were the worst, most horrible person that you couldn’t stand.

Hey Tea Party, want financial responsibility in government? I’m cool with that. Want to make government smaller and more accountable? Yeah. I’m with you. Deficit reduction and lower taxes? Cool! Want to STOMP ON PEOPLE WHO DISAGREE WITH YOU? Nope, I’m out. Can’t hang with that.

Published by Steve Banfield

Kentucky born, Seattle based. Entrepreneur. Team Builder. Photographer.

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