Judge throws out ban on online ammo sales – The Red Tape Chronicles – msnbc.com

De Leon pointed to research that found 10,000 rounds of ammunition were purchased by felons during one three-month stretch in Los Angeles — 2.5 percent of all purchases — after that city passed a face-to-face requirement in 1998. A similar study in Sacramento conducted in 2008 after that city’s law was implemented found a 3 percent felony purchaser rate.  In each case, police discovered the felons during spot checks done after the purchases; the infrastructure is not yet in place to conduct real-time background checks on ammunition purchases.

Extrapolated nationwide, he said, millions of bullets have likely been purchased by convicted criminals.

“In Sacramento, they found 150 felons had purchased handgun ammunition. Three were murderers. They went to their homes and found thousands of rounds of ammunition, rifles, and automatic weapons,” De Leon said.  “Quite a few of them were on probation.”

I’m all for freedom and gun ownership but do we really need to allow anonymous sales of ammunition over the Internet? Is that a good thing for society? We prohibit and limit sales of prescription medicine, alchohol and yet people are going to fight for unregulated sales of ammunition online?

I can’t order a 6-pack of beer from Amazon Fresh and have it delivered unless I am there to sign for the purchase but it’s ok to leave the bullets by the door?

Washington and Jefferson and Adams would have agreed with this? Of course not because you didn’t BUY ammunition in those days you made it at home. The effective range of a rifle in 1776 was 100 yards and could only be reloaded 2 or 3 times a minute by an expert. Somehow the constitutional literalists can’t imagine any regulation of things that are designed to kill with speed and efficiency, firing 30+ rounds in the space of a minute with an accuracy that would have amazed our Founding Fathers.

Sometimes I just don’t get it.

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  1. What’s so complicated about “shall not be infringed”.I honestly think that anyone anywhere should be able to buy whatever arms they wish. If you can’t be trusted in society with a firearm you can’t be trusted without a custodian.Imagine if we took away felon’s rights to free speech or their right to be free of unwarranted searches (which we do infringe already while they’re on parole).Bottom line is freedom doesn’t have exceptions.


  2. Freedom does in fact have exceptions. Your freedom isn’t infinite nor is mine. It reaches its limits when it infringes upon my right to life, liberty and happiness. We don’t have criminals importing guns into our country, we have criminals cross the border to buy guns and then ship them home because it’s easier. I have no problem with people walking into a store and buying guns or ammo. I don’t like the idea of someone on the net being effectively able to anonymously 1-click purchase for overnight delivery guns or ammo.


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