Jack Dorsey on Product Development

“For the first two years of Twitter’s life, we were flying blind…We were basing everything on intuition instead of having a good balance between intuition and data. We were going down all the time because of it.

“So the first thing I wrote for Square was an admin dashboard. We have a very strong discipline within the company, which is now 72 people, to log everything, to measure everything and to test everything. We treat the dashboard, we treat the analytics, we treat the data as a product.

I have to agree. When I think back to some of the projects and products I’ve worked on in the past, the biggest change to priorities and thinking is in how we collect data to teach us about user interaction with the product. One of the first things I did in coming to Screenlife was decide that we wouldn’t ship any product that didn’t include analytics code. We’ve used that data, in our mobile products especially, to completely redesign the game experience. Without that we would have just been lost to the whims of what we thought might be working or not.

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