Another Tug Of War Over Location Of Terrorism Trial : NPR

Sending them to Gitmo is the only way we can be certain there won’t be retaliatory attacks in Kentucky,” he added.

With all due respect to Senator McConnell, has he BEEN to Kentucky lately? There are more guns running around Kentucky than downtown Kabul on a Saturday night. Of all the places someone might attack I have a lot of confidence that the terrorists of the world would pick an easier target than Kentucky.

Like Indiana. Those guys couldn’t shoot straight if they tried.

Seriously if we’re going to get all wrapped up in treating the Constitution like it’s a Holy Book and fighting against things like universal healthcare, rational gun laws, marriage equality and a woman’s sovereignty over her own body on the basis that they are unconstitutional, shouldn’t we start protecting the Constitution by insuring that these men who were arrested on US soil, committing a US crime against US citizens be given the full process of Article 3 (trial by jury in state where crime was committed) and the Sixth Amendment (speedy and public trial) of the Constitution?

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