The Republican Party Hates Science

One of the two viable political parties in the United States has an institutional agenda against scientific fact. That’s very bad.

The GOP’s refusal to believe the world’s smartest people isn’t accidental. It’s smart strategy. As the party of business, the GOP has to oppose scientific findings that threaten business. That means denying climate change—because the reform to fix it would cost corporations money. That means pushing for the abolition of the EPA—because environmental regulations cost corporations money. In order to fight for a society in which smokestacks flow freely and all slimy shit in christendom can be dumped into lakes, the science that says these things are bad and dangerous has to be suppressed. Or at least opposed and dismissed. It’s a typical tactic across the GOP gamut, to wave off science as silly, contrived, made-up, voodoo, and various other demeaning adjectives. It’s been this way for decades, but with the infiltration of Tea Party loons like Bachmann, the blinders are strapped on extra tight—and non-business worm-cans like creationism are popped open too.

Published by Steve Banfield

Kentucky born, Seattle based. Entrepreneur. Team Builder. Photographer.

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