cutting the cord, part 2.5: take me out to the ballgame

As I mentioned in my last cord cutting post, I get a lot of my live sports from an HDTV antenna. It’s free (after the cost of the antenna) and covers just about everything I’d want to watch any weekend. However catching more than the major network games requires a subscription to a sports league streaming service.

Found a great article this weekend that breaks down the streaming video solutions for each of the major sports networks. I’m not a big enough NBA fan to pay for their streaming package and now that the playoffs are here there’s no choice. Same with the NHL.

I have ponied up for MLB’s subscription though I don’t see why they haven’t been able to make more local games available. If there’s a weekend M’s home stand I live close enough in Pioneer Square to Safeco Field to see it live, so restricted streaming isn’t a great loss. The MLB has been the leader in internet broadcasts starting back with their RealNetworks Superpass and RealOne service plans in 2000/2001.

Yet the NFL’s limited streaming during the regular season is my real complaint. Day games are available via broadcast as is the Sunday night game, so that’s covered. I wish ESPN would start streaming Monday Night Football beyond their ESPN3 service which is only available to broadband users who already subscribe to cable. Thursday night games on NFL network are also off limits.

Bottom line is that while you can get a lot of sports via an HDTV antenna and some baseball and basketball via streaming (for a price) there’s still a long way to go to equal the kinds of sports offerings available via cable and DirectTV.

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  1. The MLS has a great online streaming setup – $60 gets you a year of live streamed and streams of anything 2 days old or more after-the-fact.No such luck for anything European, far as I know; you have to rely on 'unofficial' sources for those. Following a season in a pub can get very expensive.


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