Cars are going to become more plug and play. It’s clear I’ve bought my last car without a “screen”. It will really be at all but the lowest levels in just a few years. The intellgence won’t be built into the car’s head unit but instead in car WiFi will enable “AirPlay like” screen sharing and replication. The apps will be in your phone and take advantage of the screens, controls and telemetry data from your car.


Want to add some smarts to your car? You don’t need to buy a new vehicle with a bunch of whiz-bang features. Instead, consider a solution like the A small module with integrated cellular radio that plugs into your car and comes with a handful of useful smartphone applications., a current project trying to raise $100,000 in funding on Indiegogo, takes advantage of the OBD, or on-board diagnostics, port found in all cars built on or after 1995. The ODB port is mainly intended for auto shops to connect to and get information from a vehicle’s computer to assist with diagnosing problems. But it can be used in a real-time mode for data such as speed, fuel levels and more.

Getting at that data is only part of the solution, however. The small module integrates both a GPS and cellular radio to gather location information and…

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