End of the Photo

I really appreciate all the great feedback I’ve gotten on my post “I’m a Pro (Thanks to Dad)“. Comments here, as well as on Twitter and Facebook, have been really supportive. I mentioned in the post that I never got the complete story from Harper Collins about how my photo was chosen for The End of the Point. The author, Elizabeth Graver, was kind enough to leave the comment below on my About page.

Hello Steve, I just came across this on-line: the wonderful story behind the photo on the cover of my new novel! Here is a little more back story: my publisher designed a beautiful (different) cover for the novel, but the beach wasn’t as rocky as it needed to be to represent the place in my book (a little spit of land on Buzzards Bay in Southeast MA). So I went on-line to look for photographs of rocky beaches and came upon yours, which I loved–for the shape of the shoreline, the composition, and yes, the rocks. I sent it to HarperCollins and the next thing I knew, they had designed the gorgeous cover. Thank you for taking the photograph. I’m glad it is having a second life!

It’s great to hear that the author herself found my photo and recommended it to her publishing house. That she felt it captured something of the setting for the novel is just wonderful.

If you’re interested, both the Seattle Times and New York Times have written very positive reviews.

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