Ballmer: Don’t Restructure Microsoft, Renew it

Not sure there’s much to add to this great post. As a MSFT veteran from 20 years ago (yes, that long) I hate to see the company struggle under the weight of it’s organization and past successes. Having lived through Sony’s various attempts to accelerate change within a bloated organization lead by disconnected leadership I can only agree that MSFT needs something truly radical to within it’s ranks to be successful in the future.

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Like many in the investor community and the public, I have read the news stories of impending “restructuring” at Microsoft with a mix of relief, anticipation, and impatience.  It’s like watching a friend, who has been languishing in a bad relationship, finally decide to end it.  I’m thrilled to hear that it’s going to happen and now’s the time to get on with it!  And similar to a broken relationship, I would expect that person to shed some of the bad habits they picked up over the years and either, reacquaint themselves with lapsed good habits or create new ones.  So it goes with Microsoft.

The company is a bloated mess.  Just read one of the myriad articles decrying its decline.  It’s behemoth and unwieldy- slow off the block and even slower to respond to competition.  Microsoft doesn’t need a “restructuring,” it needs renewal.  As part of this process…

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