Clairvoyant Manatee Predicts Denver Broncos Will Win the Super Bowl

Puh-leeeaaase. Everyone knows Manatees are afraid of Seahawks. Guess 6 out of 7 won’t be bad.


The Denver Broncos will win the 2014 Super Bowl, according to a “clairvoyant” manatee named Buffett at Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida, which has correctly predicted the winner of the game for the past six years.

His half-brother Hugh also recently predicted the Seahawks would emerge victorious, but he has only been right four out of the past six years.

Mote Marine Laboratory

Hugh calls the Super Bowl for the Seattle Seahawks.

“One of the things they’re trained to do is swim towards a target, so in this case, we put the team logos on the back of two targets,” Hayley Rutger, Mote’s public relations coordinator, tells TIME.

Mote Marine Laboratory

Buffett in decision mode.

However, manatees have bad vision and have trouble making out details, so who knows if they even chose the team they meant to pick in the first place.

(h/t Bradenton Herald)

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