Flickr Friday: Kings of New Orleans



UntitledI’m starting something new this week. I’ve talked a lot about my photography on this blog (here, here and here), but feel like I take a lot more pictures than I highlight. I try to bring a camera and take a picture as I travel and have gotten some good shots. To push myself to shoot, share and speak more about my photos I’m starting “Flickr Friday”.

Every Friday I’m going to select a photo from my Flickr photostream and share it here. I’ll give a litle background about where and when I took it and why I like it.

This photo from New Orleans seemed like a good place to start. I was walking down Bourbon Street with my Fujifilm X100s working on my discrete street photography when I snapped this photo outside one of the clubs. The camera was set to shoot in black and white and while I could have straightened the composition afterward, I think the off-angle look fit the subjects.

This is just the first Flickr Friday post so come back each week to let me know what you think. Feedbacks, critiques and ideas for new subjects always welcome.



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