Moto X review: Say hello to the best Android phone in the world

I ordered mine today, in black with a “walnut” wood back. It should be here before the iPhone 6 Plus (also known as the iPad Mini Mini) arrives.


“The best.” I know, I know… who’s to say which Android phone is the best? No two people are alike and different users have different priorities. There are so many factors to consider, it’s obviously impossible to determine the “best” phone for everyone.

But it’s BGR’s job to try.

While we obviously can’t say which phone will be the personal favorite of each and every person out there, we can consider users’ most common needs and wants in an effort to determine which smartphone might be most suited to the widest range of people.

Since we handle so many phones here at BGR, we’re also able to tell you which handsets offer unique and innovative features that other devices do not. More than that, we’re well equipped to say which smartphones’ unique features might be more widely appreciated than others.

It might seem like each and every new flagship Android phone that comes out is…

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