Checking in, and InfoWorld: Why Developers Love (And Hate) PHP

I’ve continued to work on this project, mostly just working through tutorials on PHP at Codeacademy. It’s been fun and moving pretty quickly. So far it’s mostly just learning the basic variable and control flow syntax which is not that different from other languages I’ve picked up.

Meanwhile I ran across this article from InfoWorld about developers being of two minds when it comes to PHP. I can certainly see that. There are some weird things that come from its beginnings as a simple scripting system that’s been extended pretty far to be a platform for WordPress, Facebook and lots of other sites.

I doubt in this project I’ll really be pushing PHP far enough to hit any of the issues from the article but always interesting to get other perspectives.

Next steps are to finish the tutorials and to start moving to choose and set up a development environment across my machines.

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