Despite the controversy and the damage caused by the hackers, how bad must the Sony Tokyo team be feeling to read headlines like this and see not a single Sony hardware device mentioned?


The Interview got a surprise online release Wednesday just in time for the holidays — but watching it on the device of your choice can be a challenge. Case in point: Google is releasing it for rent and purchase on both YouTube and Play in the U.S., but Apple is sitting on the sidelines, leaving Apple TV and iPad owners wondering what to do. And Microsoft is streaming it on its Xbox console — but how can you watch it on Roku’s streaming boxes?

For answers, check our guide below:

Apple TV

There doesn’t seem to be any way of buying or renting the film directly on Apple TV (if you’ve found a way, please let us know in the comments), but you can purchase it on YouTube Movies and then stream it to your Apple TV, though you may have to go through a few configuration steps.

  • If your Apple TV…

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