One Down, Four To Go: LinkedIn Connected Comes to Android

Last month I wrote there were five apps on iOS that I would love to see ported to Android, especially since I’m exclusively using Android devices right now. One of them was LinkedIn Connected which just launched for Android.

According to a post on the LinkedIn blog

Reach out for a reason. Connected gives you a sincere way to say hello – from updates on work anniversaries, birthdays, promotions and job changes to when people you care about get mentioned in the news. These are great reasons to reconnect with an old mentor or offer congratulations to a deserving colleague. Swipe quickly to view these updates and stay in touch in just a few seconds.

While I was trying to stay up to date with all my contacts just using the standard LinkedIn feed, I found that the app on iOS really made it fast, easy and effective to stay in touch. I’m glad to be able to keep connected this year thanks to this new app.

You can find the app on the Google Play store: LinkedIn Connected.

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