Flickr vs Instagram vs WordPress.

Flickr’s galleries have long been one of the tools available to our community for visual storytelling, though they have gotten dusty over time as the rest of the site progresses. So today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve begun to roll out a fresh Flickr galleries experience, where we help you tell your visual stories…

via All new Flickr galleries — Flickr Blog

Flickr just announced some long overdue updates to their Galleries page. It’s good to see continued investment in the Flickr platform. It also comes at a time when I am working to reduce the number of creative sharing platforms I use, so it’s useful to consider whether Flickr will continue to fill a space for me.

I still find Flickr my place to share the intentional photos, the “work”, that I want to create. It’s not perfect. The 1300 photos in my Flickr stream need to be curated into a more consistent body of work that’s more tightly focused on the subjects I find most interesting. Its likely there is less than 1/3 worth keeping. but that’s a rainy weekend project for the future.

I use Instagram too. There you’ll find snapshots of pets, concerts and friends cropped to 1×1 and filtered just so. I know many photographers have found a home there but something about the smaller, mobile experience doesn’t feel right to me. I’m not sure I could present a work or a cohesive collection there. My Instagram also needs the cobwebs of bad photos deleted away, a task that IG’s tools make difficult.

Ideally I’m going to create a new portfolio site here on WordPress to be my “best of” portfolio site. Pushing myself to edit from 100 shots to 10 good photos and then down to 1 great (to me) photo won’t be easy. Still it is where I need to go to become a better photographer.

Instagram would be for quick work in progress or shares in the moment. Flickr becomes a place to share a larger collection of good solid work. My WordPress portfolio will, someday soon, be where I can show the things I really feel good about.

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  1. I haven’t used Flickr in YEARS. I find the idea of putting all my photos onto Flickr and organising them quite daunting.


    1. I wouldn’t call what I have there organized, more like a digital dumping ground that I started in 2006 or so. In the end I just don’t think I will be challenging myself to improve or being truly open to real feedback if I’m not being selective enough about what’s presented. Like the rest of photography you can have a preference about the tool but it is really about the intent, impact and story that results from how you use the tool. Seems the same to me whether that tool is a lens, camera or website.

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