This I Believe

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I believe women.

I believe Dr. Blasey Ford.

I believe that the GOP has sold its way by chasing victory over values.

I believe our leaders have forgotten that leadership is about winning votes.

I believe Mitch McConnell is the most decisive Kentucky politician since the Civil War.

I believe that in normal times, a nominee would have withdrawn to avoid embarrassment and distraction to the President.

I believe the current President is an embarrassment and distraction.

I believe in our future.

I believe the American Experiment is not done.

I believe, as difficult as it seems, that this episode will make us a better nation.

I believe every loss is a lesson.

I believe in voters.

I believe in the basic goodness of the American people.

I believe that we’re a charitable, giving nation.

I believe we have the opportunity and responsibility to be our best selves at home and abroad.

I believe people are afraid, but we have nothing to be afraid of but fear.

I believe hope is stronger than fear.

I believe we have to change.

I believe that change is slow.

I believe that change is inevitable.

I believe in us.

Published by Steve Banfield

Kentucky born, Seattle based. Entrepreneur. Team Builder. Photographer.

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