Last fall I teamed up with the great folks at Madrona Venture Labs as an Executive in Residence. As an EIR I had the opportunity to explore new startup concepts with a lot of support, encouragement and infrastructure.

What started as brainstorming grew quickly into a vision we were all excited about building. In early March I joined a wonderful technical co-founder to “spin out” our MVL project into a standalone company.

Anytime you create a new startup it’s hard. Launching a new startup during a global pandemic just turns the difficulty to 11. Investor pitches, design collaboration and sales meetings are now a voice or video conference. Still a seed stage company can’t stop growing and building because of the crisis. In fact it’s even more critical we move quickly to bring grow our company now. We see a special opportunity to make the tools critical to remote work more secure. Protecting sensitive data was the heart of our idea when we started. Much of the world working from home just made it all the more urgent.

Instead of waiting. we’re growing. You can check out the job descriptions for our two open positions on the Madrona Ventures Labs web site. We’re hiring a Head of Product Management and a ML/NLP Engineer to join our team. Interested candidates can apply through the MVL site or contact me directly on LinkedIn.

It’s going to be a different kind of interview process for me — no “get to know you” coffees or introductions at tech events. We’re going to manage everything, just like the rest of our business, online. Since we will all operate as a remote team for next few months, we’re opening up the search to qualified candidates outside Seattle. Today a video call from Portland or Sacramento is no different than one from Ballard or Bellevue. We’ll be a remote organization from day one.

This is a great opportunity to be one of the first few employees at an exciting B2B startup. We will grow out of this pandemic into something amazing to make cloud applications safer and more secure for everyone. Come grow along with us.

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Kentucky born, Seattle based. Entrepreneur. Team Builder. Photographer.

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