So a few weeks back (seems like longer) I wrote about staying creative while we all shelter in place. At the time I thought I’d be taking mostly digital photos because of the limited opportunities to get film developed.

Yesterday I dropped 4 envelopes with 19 rolls of 35mm and 120 film into the mail slot at the Shot On Film Store. So much for mostly digital I guess.

In the end I have taken a lot more photos using my Sony digital mirrorless, point and shoot and my smartphones. I’ve been quicker to grab a camera in between Zoom calls to catch the pets looking particularly cute or even the sunlight on coming through the window. Is it similar to a photo I took yesterday, or the day before? Maybe but does that matter? It’s been challenging to find something unique in each opportunity even if the setting and subjects can’t change.

For example I learned how to use the interval timer on my a7rIII so I could take pictures of myself on a conference call. Why? Why not? There’s a challenge in trying to stage a shot you’re in and can’t see.

Of course I’m excited to see what comes back from the lab. Did the medium format manual focus selfies with a remote release turn out? How about the macros or the empty beach shots on Alki? In the end it doesn’t really matter. The digital batteries are charged and more film is on the way.

(feature photo credit by Markus Spiske from Pexels)

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Kentucky born, Seattle based. Entrepreneur. Team Builder. Photographer.

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