So remember that thing I said about getting a lens stuck on my Hasselblad last night while I was trying to capture the sunset with Mt. Ranier? Well I tried to fix it today.

It seemed simple enough according to YouTube — just take a jeweler’s screwdriver, loosen a screw, remove a plate, tighten another and BOOM! The lens is off. Well that part was true, as far as it went.

Along the way the rear curtain shutters which had been frozen open snapped shut once I’d gotten the lens off. That was fine but as I put things back together and fired the shutter mechanism a few times, the lower shutter curtain jammed open and wouldn’t close. It would snap down the camera was wound but then never close completely after that.

no more stuck lens, just a stuck rear curtain

I either tightened something too much, or snapped off a screw along the way but didn’t see it. Ugh.

So now I’m left emailing Hasselblad repair experts to see if there isn’t something obvious I’m missing. I worry though that I’m going to have to send it off for a CLA before it’s full functional again.

Guess I’ll stick to 645 and 35mm for a while.

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Kentucky born, Seattle based. Entrepreneur. Team Builder. Photographer.

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  1. Hi Steve, David Odess is the best. He used to work for Hasselblad now has his own shop in Canton Massachusetts. He has serviced my 503 CX….Good luck. Thank you for liking my garden post.


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