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2016 Connected Car Predictions by SBD

Tim Cook: 60+% of iPhone 4s and 5c buyers are ‘Android Switchers’

I’ve been one of these stats in both directions a couple of times (and written about it) though I don’t accept Mr. Cook’s assertion that 60% are switching from Android to iPhone. That may be true, as it was for me, that they try an Android and jump back to iPhone when a new one comes out (Moto Razr to iPhone 5 for me), but has the iPhone 5 series and iOS 7 really been compelling enough for people to give up the pace of innovation on the Android platform? With a bunch of new devices at low low price points (the Moto X is now $350 with no contract at Amazon, and the OnePlus “Nexus Killer” will be sub-$300 off contract I just don’t see the iPhone winning new business. If the new rumors are true that the iPhone 6 form factor will be similar to today’s Nexus 5 then Apple is going to be playing catch-up in bringing a big-screen phone to market.

Unless Apple starts to innovate more quickly, where innovation is defined more broadly than “we made it smaller/thinner/shinier”, I see people moving away from iOS and iPhone, not toward it.