Uber CEO stokes #boycottuber fire with ‘mistakes happen’ comment

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi’s comments during an interview with Axios — and his subsequent apology — have done more than hand the company’s critics more ammunition in the renewed #boycottUber campaign. (Although, mission accomplished on that front.) They also expose a weakness that if left uncorrected threatens to bring back the toxic culture Khosrowshahi promised…

Uber CEO stokes #boycottuber fire with ‘mistakes happen’ comment — TechCrunch

This is not just a misstatement. In an effort to avoid upsetting a key Uber investor, Dara tried dancing around something that should be crystal clear. Yes mistakes happen in business but a state killing a journalist is not a mistake. It’s murder.

CEOs have a responsibility to use their position to speak up for those who can’t. Whether it is supporting free speech protests in Hong Kong, rethinking the role their technology plays in protecting civil liberties, or speaking up for the victim of a horrible crime, our corporate leaders have to do better.

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