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99 Days from Facebook

So this is my last post, or at least my last post that will be shared to Facebook for the next 99 Days.

You may have read about the 99 Days of Freedom project because of the recent news about Facebook’s social experiment with user moods. 99 Days started as a kind of protest about how people perceived they were being treated as Facebook’s guinea pigs but for me it struck a cord about how dependent I’ve become on Facebook as a platform.

The only way to see if Facebook is really adding daily value is to try something different. Tonight I posted my 99 Days page to my Facebook profile and logged out of my account. I’ve disconnected my Twitter feed from Facebook and will be doing the same for WordPress (after this post), Buffer and anything else that throws content up there. I won’t be using Facebook on my mobile devices as well.

Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t seem to have a “on vacation” responder for their Messenger app. Not sure if that means I should break my “fast” from time to time just to make sure people don’t think I’m ignoring them for three months. Hopefully everyone will remember to try me by SMS, Google Talk and Twitter DM.

See you (on Facebook) in 99 days!

NPR host Scott Simon tweets his mother’s dying days

NPR host Scott Simon tweets his mother’s dying days from the LA Times

Read the article, then go to Scott Simon’s Twitter feed and read his tweets. Do it when you’re someplace quiet, where you’re alone or you don’t mind if those around you see you crying. Do it slowly, carefully. Think about those you’ve lost and those you can’t imagine life without.

When you’re done reading Scott’s beautiful but brief messages grab all those people you love and pull them close to you. Hug them just a little tighter for you, or they, will be gone much too soon.