Johnny Cash and Elon Musk

(or Best Use of “Ring of Fire” Since San Quentin)

I love Johnny Cash. I love rockets. This video of the SpaceX Grasshopper rocket that takes off, hovers and then lands vertically not only demonstrates some amazingly cool technology but uses one of the best songs ever as the soundtrack.

I really think the entire story behind Elon Musk’s companies and successful innovations (Tesla, SpaceX, etc) is just asking the question “Why the hell not?”

You can’t make a electrical sports car that runs on batteries. Why the hell not?
You can’t make a rocket that takes off and lands vertically, just like the old science fiction movies. Why the hell not?

How much more of a Johnny Cash question could there be?
You can’t play a concert in a prison. Why the hell not?
You can’t wear black all the time and sing songs about God and hell, love and murder. Why the hell not?

I wonder what else Mr. Musk is going to ask that question about next? I bet Johnny Cash would have loved it.

Published by Steve Banfield

Kentucky born, Seattle based. Entrepreneur. Team Builder. Photographer.

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