Educational Film: Lesson 1

self portrait, Leica R8 with CineFilm 50

Last week I received scans from the first developed film I’d shot in 20 years. Overall I was pleasantly surprised. While there were a lot of bad images I know there’s a lot to learn from.

Through the next few blog posts I will choose pictures from these first roles to illustrate a lesson from that image.

The image above was a test shot in my home office late one evening. The camera was loaded was the wrong film for the conditions, in this case some expired CineStill 50 that came with the camera. I hoped I could hold the camera still enough to snap my reflection in the window.


Lesson 1: Don’t force it. When you can, shoot the roll so that when you want to pull out the camera in new conditions you can load film that fits the need or the output you want.

With digital the camera can adjust itself to the lighting conditions. When shooting film the photographer has that responsibility.

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