Educational Film: Lesson 2

Seattle, Leica R8 + Sumicron-R 35, CineStill 50D

When I bought the Leica R8 the seller was kind enough to throw in some of the film stock he had. That included a couple of rolls of CineStill 50 Daylight film. I’d never shot any like it, though in my past I’d always loved Fuji Velvia 50 for landscapes.

It didn’t matter to me that the film was expired. It was “free”. I was a film novice (again). What’s to lose?

In general I didn’t like the results of that first roll. It wasn’t because its a bad film. I just didn’t shoot it properly in the conditions that are optimal for it. The roll wasn’t a total loss.

I liked a few shots including the one above. You can see the fading and artifacts, especially in the top left, that I think are the result of the expired film. I actually like the effect in this image.

Lesson 2: While you have to choose the right tool for the job (camera, lens, film) you won’t grow if you don’t experiment. Trying new things just to see what happens is one of the best ways to learn. Being surprised is part of the fun.

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Kentucky born, Seattle based. Entrepreneur. Team Builder. Photographer.

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